AUGUST 30, 2009

Russian media has reported another false claim about “The Soviet Story”.
According the Russian State News Agency, RIA Novosti: “The film shows the alleged victims of Stalinist repression: the corpses piled in stacks and covered with logs. In fact these photographs were taken by the Soviets in 1944 and represent the victims of the Nazi atrocities in Klooga concentration camp in Estonia and in Yanovskaya camp near Lvov.” RIA Novosti article>
The alleged scene from the Klooga concentration camp showing corpses piled in stacks prepared for burning does not appear anywhere in the film “The Soviet Story”. The film uses no pictures taken in the Klooga concentration camp.

MARCH 25, 2009

Official presentation of “The Soviet Story” DVD. The DVD contains both the film (in English with subtitles in 15 languages) and bonus interviews with experts.

MARCH 23, 2009

The Russian pro-Kremlin “NASHI” protested against “The Soviet Story” film outside the Estonian Consulate in St.Petersburg. (more information in Russian)

MARCH 13, 2009

The Russian MP Irina Yarovaya, representing the leadership of the ruling “United Russia” party, declared that “The Soviet Story” film “glorifies Estonian Nazi collaborators, those who killed people in Khatyn”. In fact, the film does not mention Estonian Nazi collaborators at all.(more information in Russian)

FEBRUARY 26, 2009

“The Soviet Story” was screened in the “Mene Tekel” international festival against totalitarianism, cruelty and violence in Prague. More info>

DECEMBER 12, 2008

Edvins Snore visited Georgia. “The Soviet Story” was screened in the film festival in Tbilisi. (more information in Russian)
The author of the film presented it also in the New Economic School in Tbilisi. More info>

DECEMBER 08, 2008

“IZVESTIA” press-conference in Moscow denouncing “The Soviet Story” film.

OCTOBER 21, 2008

“Soviet Story” screening in Bratislava, Slovakia. More info>

OCTOBER 19, 2008 [time 17:30]

“Soviet Story” screening in “Babylon Cinema” Berlin, Germany. More info>

OCTOBER 17, 2008

“Soviet Story” screening in Tallinn, Estonia. TV report>

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

“Soviet Story” in Czech Rebublic

The Soviet Story was showed at the Forum of the Confederation of Political Prisoners in Brno, the Czech Rep.

The Forum was attended by more than 300 people. Majority of the audience were the former political prisoners, who themselves experienced the communist reality. According to Eva Jilkova (representative of the organizers of the event), people were really moved by the film and expressed their appreciation of film director’s work.

September, 2008. “Soviet Story” comes to the USA

In September, 2008 “The Soviet Story” was premiered in the USA.

Edvins Snore is interviewed by the “Voice of America” in Washington D.C., Sept., 2008.

Opening of the “Soviet Story” screening in Washington:

“Soviet Story” is awarded in the Boston film festival, Sept., 2008.

“The Soviet Story” received the “Mass Impact Award”.
list of the winners>

President of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers presents “The Soviet Story” to the president of the USA.

President of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers and Edvins Snore in New York, Sept. 2008.

President of Latvia, Dr. Valdis Zatlers about the “Soviet Story”: “Since the beginning of summer when I saw the film for the first time, the world has changed. And the final warning heard in the film: to never permit the rebirth of totalitarian ideology, has acquired a completely different resonance,” said the Latvian President, adding that the events in Georgia stimulate a much clearer awareness of the advantages and basic values enjoyed by a democratic NATO and EU member state, and on which our country relies. “We must also in future be able to know how to protect our statehood - our national values, way of life, traditions and dreams,” noted the President.
full story>

Edvins Snore answering questions after the screening in New York.

“Soviet Story” in the U.S. Universities

The film was screened in Columbia University. “Soviet Story” was also screened in the Ukrainian Study Centre in Harvard University.

May 22, 2008: “The Economist” on “The Soviet Story”

THE ECONOMIST: “”Soviet Story” is the most powerful antidote yet to the sanitisation of the past. The film is gripping, audacious and uncompromising.” more>

May 17, 2008: Kremlin furious over “The Soviet Story”

Pro-Kremlin youth “Rosija molodaja” protests against “The Soviet Story” outside the Latvian Embassy in Moscow. The doll of the author of the film was hanged and burned. More photos >
VIDEO below:

May 7, 2008: President of Latvia watches “The Soviet Story”
President of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers visits the cinema “Riga” to watch “The Soviet Story”.

May 5, 2008: Premiere of “The Soviet Story” in Riga, Latvia
TIME: 14:45
PLACE: Theater “Kino Riga“, Elizabetes Str. 61. (on the map)

APRIL 12, 2008

The reaction in Moscow is getting more hysterical. Russian daily “IZVESTIA” alleged that the Nazi-Soviet agreement, which features in the Soviet Story is a fake because its text contained mistakes.
The newspaper alleged that the agreement mistakenly mentioned Reinhard Heydrich as Reichsführer-SS and Heinrich Müller as Brigadeführer. Izvestia article>
In reality, however, as one can see it in the picture below, the document refers to Reinhard Heydrich as SS-Gruppenführer and Heinrich Müller as Standartenführer.

APRIL 09, 2008

Russian daily “PRAVDA” alleges that the “The Soviet Story” film crew had interviewed the leading researcher of the Moscow Memorial foundation, Arseny Roginsky.
And that he is featured in the film. He is now asked to denounce the film. The fact, however, is that he has nothing to do with the film. Pravda article>

April 9, 2008
PREMIERE of “The Soviet Story” in the European Parliament
PHS Building, Room 5B001
European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium