Health Coverage Schemes by Texas Government

Health expenses can consume a major part of our savings. Living in Texas, one can use the Health Coverage Schemes provided by the Texas government to enjoy greater benefits and savings. This blog will discuss the different types of Health Coverage Schemes provided by YourTexasBenefits online Portal managed by Government of Texas. Now, let’s dive deep into it.

Universal Health Coverage

  • Universal health coverage provides the benefit of availing a wide range of Health Services without facing financial challenges.
  • These health services include all the necessary treatment, rehabilitation prevention, palliative care, and promote health services.
  • The World Health Organization was the first to launch this program, and many countries are a part of this service today. Although the Covid-19 pandemic had a hard hit on the UHC, the Texas government has taken several measures to reduce the gap and improve patients’ health.
  • Special treatment for women and children that UHC provides includes:
    • Full child immunization
    • Family planning
    • Antenatal and delivery care
    • Health-seeking behavior for pneumonia.
  • Financial assistance is also provided for non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, cervical cancer, etc.
  • The services offered to comply with the International health regulations.

What is Health Coverage?

Health coverage generally includes designing a healthy health plan for the employees or government programs like Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid, Medicare, etc. Payment of all the healthcare services, including medicines, for diagnosis and treatment, is guaranteed through this health coverage. The health coverage schemes provided by the Texas government are available for all people and help families to ensure financial security.

Health Coverage Schemes

Types of Health Insurance Coverage

Several types of flexible health coverage schemes provided by the Texas government includes :

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 
  • Accident and critical illness insurance
  • Texas Vision and Dental plans
  • Short term and long term Health Insurance


Adults over 65 and disabled citizens can avail health benefits through the government’s Medicare program. These plans originally helped pay for the hospital stays and doctor visits. The cost of prescribed drugs dental, hearing and vision care costs are additional benefits to the Medicare offered by the government. The patient’s transportation cost is also paid through these Medicare plans. These plans are low in cost and support those with low incomes greatly.

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It is a low-cost or almost no-cost healthcare insurance program designed exclusively for children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with a low-income profile. There are different parts of Medicare and Medicaid that provide different additional benefits.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

No other insurance plan is required for children other than CHIP in Texas. Families can easily apply for a CHIP insurance plan if they have a child. They will not have to pay for any dental and vision care visit, immunizations, routine check-ups, emergency services, laboratory and x-rays, inpatient and outpatient hospital cares, etc. All that a family member has to pay is the monthly premium charges. These charges are minimal and usually within 5% of the family’s income.

Accident and critical illness insurance

Health coverage schemes provided by the Texas government also include accident and critical illness insurance through which one can avail cost of hospitalization and critical illness caused due to severe accidents. Several guarantees are provided, and the insurance service is instant as accidents are bound to occur unexpectedly.

Texas Vision and Dental plans

The Texas government has also launched a health insurance plan to manage dental and vision care expenses. This health coverage plan has no age limit restrictions, and one has to pay only limited premium amounts to avail of great benefits.

Short term and long term health Insurance

Budget-friendly short-term and long-term insurance plans have also been introduced as part of health coverage schemes provided by the Texas government. These plans always provide health benefits in the longer term. 

Free Health coverage Texas

Medicare, Medicaid, vision and dental insurance plans and CHIP can be regarded as free health coverage plans at the prices. The charge is from minimum to 0 amounts like payments of regular prescription check-ups, and some of the additional benefits can also be experienced even with a $0 plan premium.