How can I help?

The project to date has been funded 100% by donations. Your donations will help us to keep this project growing.

You can donate securely here via the website.

Our immediate fund raising task is to launch the DVD, scheduled for Q1 2009.
The DVD will include translations of the film into a number of languages, including: Czech, Estonian, French, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian. The DVD will also include special bonus interviews and an interview with the film’s director.

The cost of launching the DVD is around $26,000. The cost is high because each language translation and its sub-titling costs around $2,000.

We are now looking for sponsors who can help us to proceed with this multi-language DVD release. 

You can donate securely here via the website to help us launch the DVD.

Donations of any size are accepted. Donate $ 250 or more and receive a limited edition DVD of “The Soviet Story” signed by the author.

Or if you are able to assist us otherwise please contact: [email protected]

Get more Information About the Film here.