How to do Vehicle Registration in Texas State

Vehicle Registration in Texas

Apply for Vehicle Registration in Texas

Vehicle Registration is very necessary if you are living in Texas and that’s why we should know how we can do registration in Texas. At first, users need to visit the Department of Public Safety and Inspection so that their vehicle can get verified, and then you can love to the next step.

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Then you will need to have your vehicle registration sticker and license plate. To get all these things, you need to visit the local county tax-assessor collector office. To get the perfect registration of your vehicle, you need to show the insurance card, the proof of vehicle registration that will be available from the registered station.

But here, users need to make sure that if they have done insurance in any other state then they have to bring it with themselves. After submitting all the formalities, you will be able to get your vehicle fully registered in Texas.

Grace Period of Vehicle Registration in Texas

When you are buying a new car then the Texas government wants to keep their residents always safe. That’s why users need to make sure that they have done the registration of their car within 30 days. In that period, you will get a temporary plate and you need to register within that period.

If you are not doing registration in that period then you may need to pay high penalty fees. Users can go with this temporary tag three times and can get three different temporary plates. So the grace period of vehicle registration is 90 days. 

But if your vehicle is old and when you are renewing it then you have only 5 days to get your vehicle-renew. So just make sure all these things to drive a vehicle in Texas.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Process

Texas users have multiple options to do their vehicle registration renewal process. One is online and another is the County Tax Office option. Let us know the process of both.


  • First of all, users need to click here and open the website then enter the License Plate number and last 4 digits of VIN. 
  • You will get the mail on your Email ID immediately after getting the renewal process successful.
  • Then just after 2-3 days, you will get mail again for your renewal process to get approved.
  • In that mail, you will also get a temporary mail of renewal and the hard copy of the plate will be available within 2 weeks. So you need to keep the temporary renewal receipt with you, it will be helpful if you are stopped by law enforcement.

County Tax Option

Users need to submit these documents to the County Tax office to get registration renewal. 

  • Renewal Notice or plate number.
  • The copy of the owner’s license.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Proof of current vehicle

Cost of Vehicle Registration in Texas

Well, if we talk about the base registration fee of the vehicles is $50.75 and the addition of $1 for TexaSure. The total amount of cost of Vehicle registration is $51.75. This is the basic cost, there are some more costs that will add to this amount.

The state portion of vehicle inspection will also be added and the sales tax fee will also get included in that amount. The sales tax amount will be almost $90.

Get a copy of the Vehicle Registration

As it happens when we lose our vehicle registration document. But users need to make sure that you should have a copy of it. So if you are looking for the copy of the Vehicle registration then you can obtain a replacement from Texas DMV Regional Service Center or you can also go with. County Tax Collector Office that has issued you the original registration. You just need to file a request form to complete the process.